Our Projects in India:

When? What have we done?
21.12.2017 Renovation work in Old Age Home
03.12.2017 Kaarthigai Deepam (Lichterfest) in Old age Home
18.10.2017 Diwali (Lichterfest) in Old age Home
05.10.2017 Opening a new Homepage (www.vivekanandartrust.org) for Old Age Home
15.08.2017 Indian Independence Day in Old age Home
21.06.2017 Yoga Day in Old age Home
02.05.2017 Installation of A/C for Old Age Home
15.01.2017 Pongal (Harvest Festival) in Old Age Home
23.12.2016 Excursion in Old Age Home

The Retirement Home-Vivekanandar Trust is a small building on the outskirts of Vellore, in India. Every day, 20 seniors are looked after and cared for by Mr. Senthil and Mrs. Theresa on almost 70m². Mr. Senthil built the nursing home 16 years ago with his own money. Since then he is founder, donor, but also caregiver of the nursing home. Ms. Theresa supports him as a cook, a nurse, in the administration and is therefore an all-rounder in the Vivekanandar Trust. For the needy seniors the nursing home is free. Mr. Senthil the founder of Vivekanandar Trust Old Age Home, has devoted his life to seniors. For over 16 years, he has taken the elderly from the street in his little house and supplies them as well as possible. The care is provided by the personal income of Mr. T-Ramalingam Senthil, by donated in kind by the residents in the area. Meals, clothing and toiletries are donated. Mr. Senthil is Bauingineur and Mrs. Theresa is a social worker and both provide volunteer care for the elderly. The seniors live in the smallest space and support each other. Of the 20 residents, 18 are women and 2 are men. Due to lack of space, no more men can be accommodated. There is only one dorm in which the women are accommodated. The two men sleep on the terrace. Also, there are only two toilets and a shower for 20 residents. But the place is no longer enough. A new building is urgently needed. Therefore, we now want to support him by paying the costs for the new building. A plot for the new nursing home is already available with almost 300m². Now we need 70,000 € for the building and the plot. Help us to make the elderly a better and more comfortable home!

Old Age Home, Vivekanandar Trust, Vellore

Vivekandar Trust

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