Our Projects in Nepal:



What have we done?
2016- todate Sponsorships of 40 Children
2016-todate Packages to the Orphanage New Nepal Society
(clothing, sweets, toys)
19.10.2017 Diwali (Festival of Lights) 2017 im Orphanage New Nepal Society
05.08.2017 Donation for cancer kids
Dec 2016 Participation in the costs of a Kidney Transplantation.
30.10.2016 Diwali (Festival of Lights) 2016 im Orphanage New Nepal Society
18.04.2016 Medical Camp


In the sponsorship, we have selected 40 underprivileged children in cooperation with Sahayog. We support these children in the school career as well as on their life path. Our sponsorship includes: payment of tuition, school uniform, school supplies and lunch. So that the funds are not misappropriated, the school fees will be handed over directly to our school by our partner organization Sahayog and, if necessary, provided with school materials. The sponsorship of the mentioned 40 children is kindly taken over and sponsored by the Lions Club Stuttgart.

In this form we would like to convey further sponsorships, gladly also single sponsorships!